Each Boujad rug is uniquely crafted by the women in a small region of Haouz, Morocco between the Middle Atlas and the Atlantic ocean. Each rug tells a different story with the use of traditional Berber designs & motifs.

Boujad rugs are hand woven pile rugs made using natural wool fibers and vegetable dyes. Newly woven rugs will show strong vibrant colors, typically reds oranges, pinks and/or purples. Whereas, older vintage rugs may have lovely washed pastel tones.

There is no right or wrong spot to put a beautiful Moroccan Boujad rug, although we would suggest that you place them in lower traffic areas.  Because of how these rugs are made they are more delicate than your chain store copy cat.  The pile of each rug may vary depending on its history. Some you may find to be extraordinarily plushy, while some are closer to a flat weave. 


When it comes to caring for your Boujad rug, ultimately you would want to shake it out opposed to vacuuming if you can, or vacuum without using the spin brush (so if your vacuum has a tile/hardwood setting). Moroccan rugs are made with looser spun wool yarn, so over time vacuuming will wear it out faster. If you do vacuum, we would not suggest gently vacuuming it more than once a month, aim for two if you can. If you wanted a deeper soapy cleaning, we would suggest taking it to a professional rug cleaner. If you need to spot clean, a water/vinegar mix works great, it will remove the mess and help neutralize odors. Because the dyes are natural, I would refrain from using a chemical based cleaner, as they may pull more of the color.