It's no secret that red is the strongest and boldest color of the rainbow. Red symbolizes many things including strength, courage, passion, and power.

...but how do you translate such a strong color into home decor?

Red, can be a very overwhelming color for some, such as myself. I, personally, almost exclusively only include red in my decor during the Christmas season, meanwhile have every other color of the rainbow featured in my home. (Okay, except purple.) However, when I mixed and matched several of our kilim pillows. The various shades of red seems less overstimulating, and more inviting. In fact, all of the carefully curated kilim pillows that I have collected for the shop, have actually softened my feelings of angst against this feisty color because the red is often offset with soft blues, greens, or other colors. 

You can create some truly playful and friendly combos with the right help.  That is where we come in. If you find yourself loving one pillow, but have no idea what to pair it with, give us a shout out... We may have some ideas.