This week the April issue of Phoenix Magazine was released. As I was standing at the checkout of my neighborhood grocer, I began feverishly flipping through the heavy magazine to find my page. I was looking to see my products, the products from this shop. When I reached page 122, I could not believe my eyes. It was a full page spread. I set it down on my pile of grocers, and had the biggest grin. I could barely focus on bagging my groceries (yes, I bag my own groceries). I was on cloud nine, and felt as though I was floating back to my car.  

So I wanted to share that page with you all. I reached out my contacts Angelina & Irene, to get a PDF copy just to show off. All items are available for purchase at the links below. 

Parrot Photographic Print

Desert Stars Olive Kilim Pillow

Wedgies: Albert, Mahatma, Cher