I should start by saying that styling is always easy when starting with a neutral palette: white walls, neutral  neutral furniture, clean dark or light hardwood floors. When you have a neutral base, it allows you to accent with fun pieces that bring the space to life. ..and if those the pieces are smaller, like an art piece, rug, throw pillows, table top decor, it's a lot easier on the wallet if you decide you want to mix things up a year or so later, unlike wanting to change your sofa.  So let's talk accessorizing....

This is one of my favorite styling shots for the store. I love how the red cushions just really jump out at you. They are so bright & vivid... and the pottery mixed in really dressed up the small space. 

Here were the thoughts from the styling session: The Ember Pillow paired well with the Turkish Delight Pillow because of the vivid red berry colors that they share. I used white pottery table side in order to avoid stealing the thunder from the lively Ember cushion. The Black & White Design Block Print Rug was a welcome addition, as well. Again contributing to the neutral palette, allowing The dazzling reds and oranges to stand out on their own. Using a a neutral palette, does not mean that there cannot be other patterns or textures. Additional patterns and textures are welcome, and desired as long as it creates a harmonious environment. It is, however, possible to use to many patterns and too many textures, which would create design conflicts in the space, and may cause the space to feel cluttered. Pick what you want to stand out. What pieces to you want to display themselves?