Natalie Rathman is travel photographer and writer with a strong love for interior design and decorating.

Bouncing around the world, alongside her husband, Natalie discovered her love for being behind the camera, and capturing beautiful places and wildlife.

She founded her travel blog The Compulsive Traveler in 2016, and recently started selling her photography work, however, her love for exotic decor pushed her in a new direction. So, in 2018 she decided to turn The Compulsive Traveler into more than a log of her travel stories, but a lifestyle shop full of one-of-a-kind rugs, and exciting tchotchkes.

Because of Natalie’s deep love for our planet and those that care for it, Natalie decided that 5% of all sales would be donated to the Charity:Water organization. A core belief of The Compulsive Traveler is that caring for our planet starts with the people on it. The stronger and healthier people are, the better they can take care of this beautiful planet that we all call home.

When she is not galavanting around the globe, Natalie resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA with her two (big) Yorkshire terriers, while her husband works in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.