Moroccan Mahogany Leather Pouf
Moroccan Mahogany Leather Pouf
Moroccan Mahogany Leather Pouf

Moroccan Mahogany Leather Pouf

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This beautiful hand-stained stained leather pouf was handcrafted in Morocco. It works well as a small side table if set up with decor, a foot rest, a seat, or even a tray table should be inclined to dine on the floor for a change of setting.  This Moroocan tan pouf pairs well with our Antique Moroccan Berber Rugs, as well as the Moroccan Pom Pom Blankets! 

  • This item was handmade in Morocco
  • Made of 100% goat leather and 100% silk stitching
  • This leather is stained by hand which allows each pouf to have slightly different coloring
  • 14"x 20" if stuffed to maximum capacity down to 11.5" x 24" if stuffed less Measurements are approximate because of each item being handmade
  • Care: Because of the nature of this item. We advise spot cleaning only with leather cleaner or a damp cloth only Any discolorations or imperfections with this item are due to the unique handmade nature of the materials used, and cannot be seen as damages. *Creases will slowly settle out over time. Also, the more the pouf is stuffed, the less the creases will show. We recommend stuffing with batting, recycled newspaper, or re-used fabrics. Bean bag filler does not work well, believe me, I have tried. It slowly flattens and is very difficult to fill with. 

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