wedgies victoria hand painted doorstop
wedgies victoria hand painted doorstop

Victoria Doorstop

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Victoria the Bather: Alberts other half is quite the catch. She too upholds Victorian levels of decorum whilst propping your door open, and on her holidays she likes nothing more than a good dose of Punch & Judy.

  • Victoria was made by Wedgies, a UK based company. 
  • This item is hand-painted T
  • his item was made in Sri Lanka
  • Should Victoria need to be cleaned, we suggest a damp cloth only. No chemicals, please. Victoria may have a reaction.
  • A little more about Wedgies: "We inject personality and life into all of our products, taking inspiration from the modern, the retro, the cool, the not-so-cool, the famous, the not-so-famous,stereotypes and much more. Our aim is to deliver a high-quality, handmade product with excellent design and something that will ultimately bring a smile to your face. Wedgie is proud to be part of an incentive scheme based in Sri Lanka aimed at the empowerment of men and women based in rural areas of the country. Unpainted doorstops are delivered directly to employees’ houses, along with paints, brushes and tools. Once painted and completed, the Wedgies are paid for on collection. This allows people in rural communities the convenience of earning an income whilst going about their daily routines."