black striped handmade moroccan shallow bowl
black striped handmade moroccan shallow bowl

Fresca Moroccan Shallow Bowl in Coal Stripe

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Handcrafted in Marrakech, our beautiful Fresca shallow bowl is the perfect addition to the dinner table. Varying shades of black stripes are visible, and 12k gold adorns the inside & top. 

Imperfections may be visible in each piece and are part of the unique nature of the handcrafting process, and therefore are not considered damage. Each one is different. 

While we do recommend our handmade dishes be used for decorative purposes, they can be used for dining too. 

Hand washing recommended for longevity. 

diameter: 8.75" / 22 cm | height: 2.25" / 5.5cm (dimensions are approximate and vary from piece to piece) 

 Made in Morocco