Shimmer Moroccan Handira Blanket  (3.5'x7')
Shimmer Moroccan Handira Blanket  (3.5'x7')

Shimmer Moroccan Handira Blanket (3.5'x7')

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Our beautiful Shimmer Moroccan Handira Blanket is a one-of-a-kind, vintage item. Handira Blankets, aka Wedding Blankets, are hand woven by the women in Morocco for use on their wedding day. These beautiful pieces are created by the brides female family members for her to wear as a cape on her way to her new home after the wedding. 

Handira Blankets make for beautiful decor in the home, and we believe they can be used in many different forms, are favorite of which is to hang it on the wall as a tapestry. Also, these can be used as a rug (we suggested in a light traffic area) or as a blanket, as originally intended. 

  • This item was handwoven in Morocco. 
  • Made of Wool and Cotton
  • 43"x82"
  • Care: Because of the delicate nature of this one of a kind piece, we recommend spot cleaning only. Do not use bleach.  Any discolorations or imperfections with this item are due to the unique antique nature of the materials used, and cannot be seen as damages.